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Metahuman Wizardy: Metahuman Stylization and Customization

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Mastering Stylized Metahumans

Elevate your character customization skills to new heights with our "Metahuman Wizardry Course"!

***Course Requires you have these programs to be able to complete the course:***

Unreal Engine 5.3 and above, Mesh Morpher and Blender 4.0
( Required)

Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer, Medusa Nodes for Blender, UV Packmaster for Blender, Quad Remesher for Blender, Texel Density Checker for Blender, CGSphere Skin Kit
(Optional as substitute programs may be used or not required for some of the actions in this course)

This course includes:

  • (18) Video Chapters for Metahuman Wizardry Course
  • (1) Unreal Engine 5.3 Project File with material shaders and custom blueprints for character
  • (1) MetaHuman Easy Curves Ctrl Rig
  • (1) Metahuman Bridge (.mb) Export file to import into Metahuman Creator
  • (4) OBJ files for Mesh Morpher to convert Metahuman to Stylized Character
  • (1) Reference File for character outfit in Marvelous Designer
  • (2) Reference Files Sculpt Files of character for Blender 4.0
  • (1) Reference File in Substance Painter of character
  • (1) Reference File in Blender 4.0 for Substance Painter setup

Video Chapters/Runtime(HH:MM:SS):

Chapter 1 - Unreal Engine Setup (00:02:16) runtime

Chapter 2 - Unreal Engine (Mesh Morpher) Setting up base metahuman (00:10:13)

Chapter 3 - Blender Setup Metahuman Base for morphing (00:02:08)

Chapter 4 - Blender Morphing Base to Morph of Head and Body of Metahuman (00:55:08)

Chapter 5 - Unreal Engine (Mesh Morpher) Creating the Head and Body Morph/ Baking Morphs to Metahuman (00:16:17)

Chapter 6 - Unreal Engine (Mesh Morpher) Creating Corrective morphs for eyes like look directions and blinks (01:19:27)

Chapter 7- Unreal Engine to Blender roundtrip workflow to create UDIMs for custom Metahuman character (00:59:47)

Chapter 8 - Blender reprojecting base Metahuman textures to UDIMs (00:16:02)

Chapter 9 - Blender Sculpting High Resolution details for Metahuman (01:12:09)

Chapter 10 - Substance Painter - Texturing Custom Metahuman Head and Body (00:36:05)

Chapter 11 - Unreal Engine setting up UDIM textures for custom Metahuman character (00:16:08)

Chapter 12 - Blender to create custom groom assets for custom Metahuman character (01:00:14)

Chapter 13 - Unreal Engine importing and setting up custom grooms (00:44:25)

Chapter 14 - Blender creating custom clothing (02:02:29)

Chapter 15 - Marvelous Designer setup/overview/export to Blender for texture prep (00:11:18)

Chapter 16 - Substance Painter texturing the custom clothing (00:23:55)

Chapter 17 - Unreal Engine setting up clothing with textures on custom Metahuman (00:20:00)

Chapter 18 - Wrap up/Time-lapse of trailer creation (00:55:08)

Metahuman Wizardry Discord

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Last updated Feb 29, 2024

The Ultimate Stylized Metahuman Customization Course

Who is this course for?
This is an intermediate-advanced course tailored for artists who already possess a solid understanding of Unreal Engine, Blender, Substance Painter and Marvelous Designer. If you're ready to take your metahuman customization skills to the next level, this course is designed just for you!
What will you learn?
Unlock the secrets of transforming Metahumans into unique, stylized characters that stand out in any virtual world.
What software programs are required to complete this course?
Unreal Engine 5.3 and above, Mesh Morpher, Blender, Substance Painter and Marvelous Designer
Unreal Engine 5.3 and above (Required)
Blender 4.0 (Required)
Mesh Morpher (Required)
Substance Painter (Optional)
Medusa Nodes for Blender (Optional)
Marvelous Designer (Optional)
Quad Remesher for Blender (Optional)
UV Pack Master for Blender (Optional)
Texel Density Checker for Blender (Optional)
CGSphere Skin Kit
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Metahuman Wizardy: Metahuman Stylization and Customization

4 ratings
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